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My name is Jade Murdock and I am a Web Developer with Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Certification. I am based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and cover Herts, Beds and Bucks area.

I guess you are probably thinking what sets weboostyourbusiness.com apart from the rest???

Firstly, I believe how much time and effort you put into a website is how much you achieve from it. The difference is that the services in which most Web Agencies offer such as Search Engine Optimisation are often used as an additional service which is more expensive and in my opinion often used as a selling tool.

In the ever evolving Tech world that we live in, I believe that those services should come hand in hand when developing websites. I feel it is essential in order to provide you with the best optimised and enhanced website for your business.

However, weboostyourbusiness.com is a Web Development Service who develops Ecommerce and Brochure websites for commercial and private projects. As I am a 'Web Developer' and not a 'Web Designer'. I use HTML5 and CSS3 templates which are used as a foundation base for developing websites saving time and expenses.

As we are moving into a popular culture of almost everything being online, my Web Development Service offers an effective reduction in costs and provides a Direct-to-Customer Service. Which in return produces and enables you to have a professional and affordable website for your business. In addition, weboostyourbusiness.com has a genuine ethos of wanting to help boost your business growth by helping you to market your business online.

Web Development

Develop websites using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript along with PHP.


Weboostyourbusiness.com understands the time constraints and financial pressures that can come with having a website. When you have a business the last thing you should have to worry about is having the time to build a website and spending a huge budget to have an online presence. Having a website should not have to be expensive. So why not let weboostyourbusiness.com help to lower the pressure by taking care of your website so you don't have to?


Search Engine Optimization is used to help businesses improve their visibility online. SEO enables more traffic to your website. Along with higher rankings in search engines through the infrastructure of the website.

Responsive Design

The user experience is an important part of how users interact with your website. I build responsive websites that are compatible across all mobile, desktop and tablet devices.


All of these additional services are:

* A Professional and friendly service who put clients' at the heart of my business.

* A genuine ethos of wanting to help boost your business growth.

* Provide a personalised service to meet each individual needs.

* Responsive and interactive websites.

* Fast, Reliable and Secure websites.

* Improve traffic to your website using SEO.

*Provide a Google Business page.

* I provide a 6 month analysis service to monitor how well your website is ranking on Google search engine.

* Compatibility test before website goes live.

* Offer a proof checking and text editing service for clients who write their own content.

* Sitemap.xml included with website package.

* Provide help and support registering your own Domain Name and Web Hosting Company of your choice. With an option for me to be your Technical Contact if you wish.


Please see below for price of service.

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